VIP services by RT&T Ltd.

Ben-Gurion Airport:

The services provided by us transforms the transfer in the very busy Ben-Gurion Airport into a pleasant experience, when entering and leaving the country. It will definitely save valuable time and avoids the expected Airport conjunction.

Services types:

BRONZE SERVICE – escort from/to passport control (arrival or departure)

SILVER SERVICE – escort from/to airplane and transportation to passport control (arrival or departure)

GOLD SERVICE – Arbel lounge service (only on arrival)

PLATINUM SERVICE – VIP lounge services Arbel / Metzada (arrival or departure)

Transportation services:

We can provide transportation services to any destination In Israel. We also offer chuffer services. We also offer “S Class” vehicles for VIP services upon request.

VIP vehicles “S Class”– Mercedes Benz, Audi, Infiniti and more.

VIP Minibus and Bus.

VIP Inclusions:

  • VIP 24/7 support.
  • Personal guide.
  • Personal driver.
  • Water bottles.